[sdiy] XR2206 temeperature stability within +/- 5%

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Thu Jul 2 21:33:29 CEST 2020

If you need something real stable then have a look at this one:


You can buy it here:

But attention: seems that this spart is now obsolete.
==> So good for your own lab tools but nothing that has to go into series production...



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Betreff: [sdiy] XR2206 temeperature stability within +/- 5%

I need a pure sine wave generator adjustable from 10Hz to 60Hz  at around 5v
The adjusted frequency should stay stable within +/- 5% temperature wise.
The project inside metal enclosure could have temp of up to around +40deg C.
I have a bunch of XR2206 VCO IC on hand to use.
I wonder if the best capacitor to be used here would be
A polystyrene type for temperature stability.. (??)
I'll use 1% metal film resistors for the rest of circuit..

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