[sdiy] power supply for casio CZ1000

Joe Frey frey at radioles.com
Sun Feb 23 00:45:51 CET 2020

Hello, The CZ1000 is one of my fave synths but it is really noisy when I 
use the replacement power supply I have when I record it. It is OK when 
battery powered.

Are all switching power supply wallwarts noisy? Should I use a power 
supply with a transformer instead? Are these transformer power supplies 
called linear? Are all power supplies that use transformers quieter in 
audio applications?

I have a 9V power supply that uses a transformer that has a big enough 
power rating but when I test the output I read 12V. Will this damage my 

Can anyone recommend a source for a quiet 9V, 1A wallwart? When I search 
for 9V, 1A regulated power supply all I get are switched supplies.

Thanks. JoeF.

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