[sdiy] LFO VC Skew?

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Fri Feb 21 05:10:44 CET 2020

So, after I made that video, my gastritis/duodenitis/pancreatitis flared up,
and I got extremely nauseous, so all I could do was sit in my easy chair and
stare at the TV.

I felt a little bit better today, but still crappy.  In any case, I have
added four diodes to the control circuit in my simulation, and can state
with confidence that this will eliminate the loss of signal at the extremes,
even if the CV signal is too big.

My plan is to kludge these diodes onto my board (which will be a challenge,
because I made the layout rather tight) and confirm, and make a new video.
Hopefully, I'll feel well enough to do that tomorrow.

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I think this thing is basically good to go, but I do need to add a little
something more to limit the behavior to the points where the pot would be
either fully CW or fully CCW.  In the video, it is obvious that if the CV
signal is too large or Morph pot isn't well centred, then the morphing is
allowed to go past the extreme points, and the waveform disappears.  I'll be
messing around with this tonight.

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