[sdiy] LFSR using lookup tables

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.se
Wed Feb 19 16:38:33 CET 2020


I remain very skeptical, as we have not problem of producing high sped
long LFSR with reasonable amount of logic and flip-flops, and look-up
tables is not our option anytime. I do not have time to devote to watch
that video right now, but I wonder if there is not a misunderstanding
here somewhere. Have not people understood how powerful conventional XOR
methods are, it's a failure of education. They can produce extremely
high rates of very deep noise.


On 2020-02-19 14:43, Ben Stuyts wrote:
> I just watched this interesting talk about using lookup tables (in hardware and software): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnqqvVp_UZg
> At the very last end (around 29:11 minutes) he starts talking about LFSR's and maximising their performance using lookup tables instead of the more conventional XOR method. He has a 6 times performance increase. Very cool, I’m going to try this out soon.
> Ben
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