[sdiy] LFO VC Skew?

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Nevermind.  I think I might have figured it out.  And the beauty of it is that I think I can do it by adding one very simple component to a linearized 2164 VCA circuit.


The trick is that if the log of X is log X, then the log of 1/X is –log X.  Look at Mike Irwin’s article and see what I saw, and how it can easily be done.


Now I feel even more stupid for not seeing that three years ago, when I was struggling with this.  Now I should have a design ready by tomorrow.  Stay tuned.



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I’ve struggled with this mightily and come to no solution in the analog realm.  The problem is that there seems to be no way to implement the magic of a potentiometer fed on both ends with VCAs.  I’ve been through the math, and it seems impossible.  The original circuit (two diodes and a potentiometer in the loop of a tri-square oscillator) is so simple and elegant, and yet so elusive for voltage control, other than physically rotating the damn pot with a servo.


It’s easy to get saw-to-tri-to-ramp with VCAs, but the trick is to maintain the same frequency when you do so.  That’s the impossible part.


It is probably easily done digitally, but where’s the fun in that?


Unless I’m dumb.



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Hi All,


I'm a big fan of the 'skew' (sweep from sawtooth, through triangle, over to ramp wave) function of some analogue LFOs and find it indispensable. I would love to be able to CV the skew function though it generally doesn't seem to be an option. Some circuits seem to control skew by having a pot control the balance between current flowing each direction via two diodes with opposite polarity (eg. the MFOS VCLFO circuit, or the Nicolas Woolaston LFO circuit), which seems like a particularly tricky thing to be able to voltage-control.


I was wondering if anyone here knows of any existing circuits which provide that functionality, or have any ideas as to how one may go about making it happen?


Thanks a lot for any input 🙂

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