[sdiy] 45 vs. 90 degree pcb traces

Phillip L Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Sat Feb 15 13:53:15 CET 2020

MTG wrote:
> Here is a guy that makes (new) SBCs for all the old vintage
> 8-bitters. On most of his boards he uses a ton of 90deg traces.
> I think it's his style.
> https://vintagechips.wordpress.com/

It appears he uses both based on the situation. 90° is fine for
miscellaneous signals but sucks for buses.

sleepy_dog at gmx.de wrote:
> It may not be a valid concern to some - but the 90 degree routed bus 
> also *looks* bloody atrocious. Maybe it's one of my numerous quirks - 
> but I enjoy looking at nice layouts ;)

Agreed. ;)

Phil Harbison

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