[sdiy] 45 vs. 90 degree pcb traces

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Sat Feb 15 10:14:17 CET 2020

Phillip Harbison:
> Here's an example of routing a bus with 4 signals. It gets much
> worse with larger buses. If you're trying to weave a 16-bit bus
> between the pads for RAM chips, the extra space for 90° angles
> is almost prohibitive.

It may not be a valid concern to some - but the 90 degree routed bus
also *looks* bloody atrocious. Maybe it's one of my numerous quirks -
but I enjoy looking at nice layouts ;)

> Regarding red/blue, I've only watched one layout guy at work.
> He did red/blue with colored pencils on ordinary graph paper.
> This was to plan the layout. Afterwords he created the layout
> on semi-transparent (cloudy) mylar using black tape. He had a
> variety of tape in various widths. This was early in my career
> (maybe 1980-1983). ECAD was already taking over by 1983.
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