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Hello and welcome, I’m also fairly new here.


I’m in absolute awe of the amazingly professional hardware that everybody else seems to be building; my ShedSynth is a bit more home-brewed:



I wonder if anybody else will admit to hacking together stuff like this?


You asked about simple modules.

I started with an Arduino pretending to be a not-very-1V-per-octave VCO and Hendrik Göttling’s “Ultra Simple VCF” (www.electro-music.com/forum/topic-45231.html <http://www.electro-music.com/forum/topic-45231.html> ) which turned out to work happily on dual rail supply.


Best of luck making some noise.




On Feb 6, 2020, at 7:31 PM, Shawn Rakestraw <shawnrakestraw at gmail.com <mailto:shawnrakestraw at gmail.com> > wrote:
> Hey All! I'm new to the list and this is my first question.
> I want to dip into making some PCBs and possibly front panels. I am into eurorack, so that is what I will be aiming toward. I have been learning how to use Eagle to make my schematic into a board.
> Currently, I have been working on a power supply PCB that would mount inside of a case, so I don't have any major size constraints or precision. I will probably make a simple bus board next to distribute the power. Then I want to move on to an actual module. Something simple at first.
> I should also mention that I am in USA, although that probably doesn't matter that much anymore. I do prefer to order things in the US when I can though.
> I am asking for any advice at all really. My question begins with who / where to order from, but after that I am a bit in the dark about what to even ask. I don't know if copper trace thickness should be a concern. Obviously with power PCBs and distribution boards you want wide traces and I have done some research to try to learn how wide for certain amp loads. Really, any advice will be good for me - anything that you wish you had known before your first order could be helpful.
> Has anyone made panels and if so, what is the beginning process for that? Can you design them in Eagle using Nets or something? I don't know how people even design them.
> Thanks in advance, I look forward to your replies!
> - Shawn

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