[sdiy] Fantasia patch for DX11/TX81Z/V50

Joan Touzet joant at atypical.net
Sat Feb 8 02:57:13 CET 2020

On 2020-02-06 16:51, Ben Stuyts wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is the missing attachment. I had to adjust the EQ on the mailing list to allow .syx files to pass through.

Hey, thanks Ben!

>> On 6 Feb 2020, at 15:14, John Ames <commodorejohn at gmail.com> wrote:
>> (I'm very curious about what I ended up at - operator ratios of
>> 5.2:8.2 C:M - because that works out to a ratio of 26:41, which is
>> super prime-y for what on the D-50 is just a simple cyclic "spectrum"
>> waveform with the fundamental removed, but damned if it didn't sound a
>> whole lot closer to right than the more obvious setting of 5:8. But
>> since there doesn't seem to be a dump of the D-50's PCM ROM out there
>> as far as I can tell, it's a mystery to me...)

There absolutely is a dump. Contact me off-list to discuss. The actual 
ROM is LogPCM encoded, the same way the MT-32 PCM ROMs are encoded, but 
it's straightforward to convert to WAV for convenience.

>> It's definitely not perfect - the chime part loses something in the
>> lower range for reasons I'm not clear on, and without the D-50's lush
>> effects it's noticeably thinner. But I'm happy with how close I got to
>> the overall timbre(s), and when you layer it up a few times over and
>> detune a bit (or just run it through an outboard chorus,) it gets a
>> lot closer :)

I've asked a friend about this, and he shared this work of his late last 


He's going to take a closer look at your patch and get back soon.
>> SysEx attached - it's a single-voice V50 transmit dump, which should
>> also be compatible with the DX11 and TX81Z.


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