[sdiy] PCB / Panel Manufacture

Shawn Rakestraw shawnrakestraw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 04:31:52 CET 2020

Hey All! I'm new to the list and this is my first question.

I want to dip into making some PCBs and possibly front panels. I am into
eurorack, so that is what I will be aiming toward. I have been learning how
to use Eagle to make my schematic into a board.

Currently, I have been working on a power supply PCB that would mount
inside of a case, so I don't have any major size constraints or precision.
I will probably make a simple bus board next to distribute the power. Then
I want to move on to an actual module. Something simple at first.

I should also mention that I am in USA, although that probably doesn't
matter that much anymore. I do prefer to order things in the US when I can

I am asking for any advice at all really. My question begins with who /
where to order from, but after that I am a bit in the dark about what to
even ask. I don't know if copper trace thickness should be a concern.
Obviously with power PCBs and distribution boards you want wide traces and
I have done some research to try to learn how wide for certain amp loads.
Really, any advice will be good for me - anything that you wish you had
known before your first order could be helpful.

Has anyone made panels and if so, what is the beginning process for that?
Can you design them in Eagle using Nets or something? I don't know how
people even design them.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to your replies!

- Shawn
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