[sdiy] Reasonable cap replacement policy

Kenny Balys kenny at beatkamp.com
Thu Feb 6 19:28:28 CET 2020

I usually change out the big two or three in the power supply.

For the rest I follow the "don't fix what isn't broke" philosophy.

I repaired a synth that had used 4.7uF tantalums liberally for decoupling. All 
of them were suspect as they came from the same crappy batch. All had to come out.
In this case, I knew what I was replacing and why I was replacing it.

Your tech should be able to do the same.

On 06.02.20 18:14 , John Speth via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hi folks-
> Today I called a shop about replacing the belts on my 30 year old cassette tape
> deck (Fostex X-26). The guy quickly recommended also replacing the caps (I
> assume just the electrolytics). I'm guarded against folks who do repairs on
> stuff that don't show signs of need, which my tape deck doesn't.
> What are the prevailing opinions on replacing old electrolytics in equipment
> from the 1980's?
> I hope I didn't start an opinion war.
> Thanks - JJS
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