[sdiy] Dismantling a potentiometer

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Wed Dec 30 16:57:18 CET 2020

Antti Pitkämäki:
> Hi,
> The volume pot of my Korg Polysix is super scratchy, so I decided to
> clean it by dismantling it first so I can really get all the dirt out
> of it and clean the tracks. I managed to remove the metal cover of the
> pot. Underneath there is a white plastic part that holds the vipers.

So that part is dangerous to open, eh? You cou ld get bitten!
(couldn't resist ;))

Does the pot have any opening where you might get this spray in?
Some people report that some times of contact spray are too aggressive
and will, after improving a pot, make it fail quickly again.

I have used this particular product on the main volume pot of my trusty
Technics HIFI amplifier which was basically unusable for the left channel.
This must be now 7 years ago or so, since my treatment with the
generously injected spray, into every opening I could see on the pot.
Still working like new - so this particular spray seems not to be one of
the too aggressive ones.


- Steve

> Can this plastic part be removed by pulling it of or will this result
> in a destroyed pot?
> I can sort of get to the tracks and clean the pot even if the white
> plastic part is still there, but it would be a lot easier if it could
> be removed, but I just wanted to check here whether removing the
> plastic part is a good idea or not...
> Regards,
> Antti
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