[sdiy] Dismantling a potentiometer

Antti Pitkämäki antti.s.pitkamaki at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:53:57 CET 2020


The volume pot of my Korg Polysix is super scratchy, so I decided to clean
it by dismantling it first so I can really get all the dirt out of it and
clean the tracks. I managed to remove the metal cover of the pot.
Underneath there is a white plastic part that holds the vipers. Can this
plastic part be removed by pulling it of or will this result in a destroyed

I can sort of get to the tracks and clean the pot even if the white plastic
part is still there, but it would be a lot easier if it could be removed,
but I just wanted to check here whether removing the plastic part is a good
idea or not...

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