[sdiy] Buffered question

Kristian Blåsol kristian.borgstedt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 15:41:09 CET 2020


A question about opamp buffers or voltage followers. So one of those
circuits makes sure that whatever you plug in to the output of the buffer
wont affect whatever you have on the input of the buffer... right?

But there are so many different circuits you can make with an opamp, is
there any of those that in itself IS a buffer, or do ALL other opamp
circuits need buffering after it for the output to not affect the input?

For example: a comparator, isnt that already buffered in itself? Since the
output is either ground or +v?

And how about a mixer/summing amplifier, op-amp as an amplifier, high and
low pass filters.

Im thinking so I dont put a buffer on an already buffered signal... :)

Thanks in advance,

Kristian Blåsol
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