[sdiy] Memorymoog pots

Barry Klein barryklein at cox.net
Mon Dec 28 02:25:44 CET 2020

I took down a Memorymoog in its case from the garage rafters to check its condition. I was worried maybe the case foam melted into it by this time (maybe 7-10 years?). Case foam ok but several pot shafts are really wobbly, giving erroneous readings on the display.  What’s with this??? Might need source for new pots.  Doesn’t auto tune but sounds in tune when I play it.
Another one I tried gets weird every 7th hit of a key and 5 out of 6 voices tuned.
3rd one is upstairs in my office, wrapped in protective foam.  Played nice a year or two ago.
Dx7 needs new battery. I may install a backlit display while I’m at it.  Life with hardware synths.


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