[sdiy] get 5V from 12V - DC-DC converter or 7805?

Christian Maniewski chris at manie.ws
Mon Dec 28 00:02:19 CET 2020

Hey Florian,

I can also vouch for the Recom R-78x series, I’ve been using them in quite some prototypes already. For one of the latest projects, a 5V Doepfer PSU rail adapter (KiCad design here: https://github.com/soundslikefrank/gimme_five) I used the MP2359, whose advantage is that it’s quite cheap compared to the Recom converters, but you have to add some more additional components to it (for example to set the output voltage). For some reason, it’s ridiculously cheap on JLCPCB assembly right now (~20cents) which is the reason I went for it. For one-off prototypes which are not super power hungry (<=500mA) the Recom should be a really good choice though!



> On Sunday, Dec 27, 2020 at 11:04 PM, Florian Anwander <fanwander at mnet-online.de (mailto:fanwander at mnet-online.de)> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am at designing the pcb for a simple MIDI-sequencer based on an
> arduino nano (the basic idea is derived from the JX-3P / SH-101
> sequencer). I want to build it as a euro rack module, but want to have
> it also as standalone unit. So the pcb has the usual eurorack power
> connector and a socket for a wall wart. I have jumpers to select between
> 5V from the euro rack connector, or 5V from a regulator which is fed
> either by the 12V from the eurorack connector or by 9V-12V from a wall wart.
> At the moment I implemented the 5V conversion with a 7805. But I think
> this will cause a lot of "useless" current on the 12V rail of the euro
> rack. I thought about one of these DC-DC converters, but I am not sure
> how much (switching-)noise those can insert into the euro racks supply
> and ground. The module also has voltage inputs (for note length and
> velocity) and trigger/gate inputs, so electric relations with ground to
> other modules or external devices are quite likely, and I fear I
> transfer potential supply noise this way in the external signal paths.
> On the other hand the 7805 circuit is quite easy to implement, the DC-DC
> converter has to be bought as module or requires buying parts I won't
> have use for anywhere else.
> Does anyone have experience with those DC-DC converters?
> Regards
> Florian
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> http://www.florian-anwander.de/
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