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francesco mulassano francesco.mulassano at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 21:39:04 CET 2020

hi, thanks for your words
Shapeshifter is 'in pause' project because we have dedicate all our energy
t the Microcosmos and  Vega, our first Eurorack module
both (i hope) ready for January/February


Il giorno gio 10 dic 2020 alle ore 21:11 Anthony Carrico <
acarrico at memebeam.org> ha scritto:

> Your post got buried in the thread. Faust looks interesting. Your new
> microcosmos board looks sharp, and the shapeshifter looks like a great
> kit, are you making it available outside of workshops? Thanks for the
> video link. Give us a top level post when you have news.
> On 12/3/20 4:25 AM, francesco mulassano wrote:
> > Hi guys! Just yesterday we have premiered our microcosmos at the
> > International Faust Conference
> > is little but powerful box with teesy 4.1 inside, leds, encoders,
> > display, midi in/out, audio in/out, onboard microphone, usbhost
> > and can be a synthesizer, a sampler, midi utility... is engine is based
> > on FAUST, you can create and test your engine on the faust web ide, and
> > when is ready
> > you can upload it to the microcosmos.
> >
> > we are in the final hardware stage and we are working on the new website
> > (but you can see the oldone www.faselunare.com <
> http://www.faselunare.com>)
> > the project includes tutorials and a support forum on the website with
> > the sharing of patches by the users.
> >
> > The project is opensource.
> > subscribe our newsletter on www.faselunare.com <
> http://www.faselunare.com>
> >
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