[sdiy] New VCO... maybe...

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Thu Dec 10 08:37:38 CET 2020

W dniu 2020-12-10 o 00:19, Aaron B. pisze:
> comparator as well. I only used one opamp section; the integrator was
> just a capacitor to ground, fed by a current source, discharged through
> a 2n7000. No waveshaping as I was intending to drive a digital shift
> register circuit with it.
> Messy hand-drawn schematic here: https://ircz.us/AdY3JZw1

yes, that's the idea. I wanted to use BJT to avoid FET leakage. But 
testing it with 2N7000 is too easy not to try it.
> Also the trapezoid generator mentioned on the page but not in the
> email: those are underrated waveshapers. Very musical, interesting
> timbres; low parts count; easily made voltage controllable with a VCA.
> They work equally well with sawtooth waves too.
Fully agree. It sounds nice to my ears and I try to use it wherever 
possible. I have 4 of them in my Pierdzidełko kit BTW.
So it means you have read it all down to the bottom! I appreciate.


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