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Thu Dec 10 01:38:52 CET 2020

On Thu, 10 Dec 2020, Tom Wiltshire wrote:
>       "0x80000000" I cringe, grit my teeth, and feel my eyes
>       glaze over. I never could see very well but that is
>       absolutely illegiible. Are there any
>       languages/IDEs/whatever that can put some commas in there
>       and still compile without an error?  

> Given how easy it would be to do, it’s a good idea. Just change the colour
> or add a comma/dot/whatever every 4 digits. It *would* make life easier. I
> find myself counting digits in long binary and hex literals quite often.

In C++14 and later, you can use the single quote ' to separate digits and
it'll be ignored by the compiler.

Matthew Skala
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