[sdiy] CV input op-amp circuit

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Dec 7 12:37:30 CET 2020

W dniu 2020-12-05 o 22:42, Mike Beauchamp pisze:
> Regarding protecting ADC inputs, is anyone using external BAT54S 
> schottkey diodes? It seems like it might be easier to slap these in 
> rather than rely on the internal uC's diodes and the issues youve raised 
> of sharing that current if multiple pins are overloaded etc.

that's exactly the part I use. Among other design choices like PESD diodes.
The maximum current of input protection diodes in IC is usually 20mA, 
that's clearly written in datasheets. Not that much, and with added 
Schottkys the input can take much more overload without any unwanted 
current wandering along tiny power traces inside the chip.


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