[sdiy] Programming Language Recommendation

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Fri Dec 4 22:06:54 CET 2020

Nitpicking (dangerous for a newbie), but I'd be surprised if the Keil 
one is gcc. I haven't used IAR much, but yeah the others are all gcc as 
far as I know.

On 12/4/2020 12:27 PM, Gordonjcp wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 04, 2020 at 11:53:41AM -0800, MTG wrote:
>> I am learning STM32 now and it's surprisingly daunting, but that's due in
>> part because of the sheer number of toolchains available. Each seems to have
> They're all gcc
>> it's own abstraction layer(s). I'll probably get this wrong, but I've seen
>> gcc with libopencm3, STM's own STM32Cube tools with their own LL and HAL,
>> Keil which supports CMSIS and there are combinations of the above such as
>> using STMs tools to generate starter code for Keil.  Then there's Rowley and
>> Segger and IAR and ... who knows how many more.?
> They're just libraries.
> If you think that's bad, you should have tried programming normal desktop PCs back before everything ran Linux and compiled stuff on gcc.

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