[sdiy] Best scopes for the money, 2020?

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 11:29:58 CET 2020

Depending on your needs you can pick up some quite good bargains on
eBay.  For example I recently scored a Hameg HM604 analogue dual-trace
60 MHz scope, built in component tester, delayed trace, XY mode, with
a few probes, in a travel case, for £50 plus postage.  My first scope
ever was a Hameg HM203-6, really well built, simple, all through-hole,
full mu-metal shield.  Quality instruments.

Ok, I bought it for my daughter to learn electronics with - no menus,
no WTFs, no need to think about aliasing, etc.  Bit overkill really,
but for £50 I couldn't turn it down.


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