[sdiy] Best scopes for the money, 2020?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Wed Dec 2 09:34:55 CET 2020

My recommendation is for Siglent SDS1104X-E and here's why:
Couple of years ago i have bought previous model, SDS1102X (less -E) and 
my old Tex TDS210 which I've been using for about 25 years went to a 
storage. It still had a lot of issues, but a year after I've uploaded 
newest firmware and it became usable, making it much better scope than 
my old TDS. And TDS was much better than my big old Russian analog 2-ch. 
100MHz scope.
New SDS1104X-E is somewhat upgraded and cheaper than my older 2-channel 

This year I wanted to go one step further, so courtesry of local 
distributors I could test side by side my lowest end Siglent scope with 
Keysight MSOX3054T (4 channels 500MHz) and Tektronix MDO34 (4 channels 
1GHz). If anyone cares for my biased opinion, I can do a lengthly review 
in separate email - if I still remember all the details that is, and 
share photos and videos.
The end conclusions are:
- MDO3 is not that bad as most of the engineers claim, once you know the 
philosophy behind it. And it is actually better than Keyisight in a few 
aspects, despite being the slowest of all 3
- Keysight is unbelievably fast but one can easily see it is an outdated 
design, kinda like very old scope that was ahead of its times. Plus 
clumsy user interface.
- lowest end Siglent, despite being 20-30 times cheaper than others, was 
not that bad at all, and even winning in one or two cases

And attached photo of my test setup.
The winner of the test was 4th scope, not seen on this picture as I got 
it a month later after I had to return MDO and MSOX, but that's another 


W dniu 2020-12-01 o 20:47, Amos pisze:
> Hi folks,
> I suspect this is a group that includes folks who keep up with things 
> like, what low-end scopes have custom firmware in circulation that 
> unlocks advanced features, or what chinese off-brand DSO gives you the 
> performance of X at a cost of <<X, etc...
> I'm more looking for cheap and cheerful than highest-end, but Very 
> Nice scopes for merely Nice prices are relevant too.
> Do you have a favorite budget scope, or one you'd recommend for 
> equipping a low end lab / repair bench?  Thanks!
> -Amos
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