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I don't think mixing consoles use any eq at the pan pot. It's a voltage
divider. I could see how adding as and possibly delay would create more of
what a pan pot could be. It's panorama after all and that is open for

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> > On 29 Nov 2020, at 04:54, drheqx <drheqx at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > Thank you Tom. The DAC idea is really cool. It's true, performance will
> dictate performance. I can get away with less noise performance here but
> the linearity is important. Some of these pan circuits have a bump in the
> middle or a dip. I'll have to work that part out. This is something where a
> musician would certainly notice that bump.
> I did, and I’m no great musician.
> On circuits with the bump the sound seems to get nearer as you pan it
> across the spectrum, like the sound moves along a straight line from left
> to right just in front of you, so the centre point is much closer than the
> far ends of the line. On other circuits, you get the opposite effect, where
> the centre dips and the signal seems to disappear into the distance, so it
> spins from by your left ear, to miles in front of you, round to by your
> right ear. Neither sounds “even”. The ideal is something that gives a sound
> that seems to rotate around you with you at the centre, not moving closer
> or further away. The exact listening set-up obviously will affect how that
> illusion is to be created, but the aim is pretty clear.
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