[sdiy] Chasing Unobtanium Serivce Documents

Steve Lenham steve at bendentech.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 13:33:59 CEST 2020

On 28/08/2020 12:11, Loscha wrote:

> I'm after service documents or at least schematics for
> Viscount Effects unit EFX-2 (but EFX-1, or, EFX10, or any of their
> other effects might help)
> Alesis Midiverb mk1 - the square desktop unit.
> I'm prepared to pay for them, but, I don't think they exist in the wild, at all.

I'd love to help but sadly can't. It occurs to me that lots of us 
probably have a few things to add to the list. Perhaps we should all 
post them in one go to maximise our chances?

For me, I would love to get hold of service docs for any of the Seiko 
DS-series additive synths:

DS101, DS202, DS250 keyboards
DS310 and DS320 add-on modules
SIB-1 MIDI interface box (would also like a physical example of this)

Service manuals DO exist in this case but are extremely rare - I saw one 
once in an eBay auction but it was part of a package that I missed out on.

Who's next? :-)


Steve L.
Benden Sound Technology

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