[sdiy] Power Supply Start-up Issues

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Thu Aug 27 16:08:30 CEST 2020

As I read this, I visualize a modular with it's movable modules.  If the system is large enough, it can have more than one PSU to supply the necessary current.

As modules can be moved, it's assumed they will be.  When they are, it is possible for the power distribution to change and perhaps cause startup or other problems, especially in a larger system.

Would there be an advantage to a raw DC distribution system that is then regulated by each module?  I believe I've read here about people who have their PSU system implemented this way.  Any comment from people who've done this?

Obviously, this wouldn't be an easy fix for a large modular system, but might be a consideration for a new machine.  Of course, this is tricky to say the least when one wants to buy a commercial module to add to a raw distribution system.

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