[sdiy] i was Needing help reading a schematic

Oren Leavitt obl64 at ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 14 01:56:54 CEST 2020


Looks like you've got the issue "rectified" and "smoothed out" :)

Interesting that it was an electrolytic cap that was causing the short. 
Sometimes that happens!

Peter mentioned that the bridge rectifiers failing often. It may be one 
of those small 1 amp rectifiers running near maximum rating. You may 
want to replace that with one with a higher current rating.

Some years back, I was given a "non-working" Tektronix 475 oscilloscope 
for free. Replaced all of the tantalum bypass caps in it with low ESR 
electros and it worked like new again!

The trials and triumphs of Synth DIY!

- Oren

On 8/13/20 4:35 PM, Jean Bender wrote:
>     So, 
> One more time, this list is awesome, and i really appreciate your help !
> I've fixed this pdd14 !
> So you were right, it was not a transformer problem. I've re checked 
> all the measures, and then checked the bridge rectifier, and 
> discovered that There was a big shortcut between the two rectified 
> outputs.
> Both electrolityc filtering capacitors were totally inefficient. I 
> décided to change their values from 1000uf to 4700uf, same voltage (i 
> only have these ones here..).
> It's working, i've learned new electronic skills.. Thanks to you !
> Have a good Summer
> J.
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