[sdiy] IC Temperature

Ian Fritz ijfritz at comcast.net
Fri Aug 7 05:10:39 CEST 2020

Indeed Rene. I was thinking also along the lines of S/H units and VCO 
integrators.  None of my dual pdip ICs ever seem to get very hot. (I 
almost never use quads.) Instead of a fancy array imager, I just use my 
trusty hardware-store laser-gun thermometer.  Seems to work OK for an 
indicator, but of course it doesn't measure right at the chip.


On 8/6/2020 2:52 PM, René Schmitz wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> On 06.08.2020 22:28, Ian Fritz wrote:
>> Has this been mentioned yet? Input leakage for FET input opamps 
>> increases very rapidly with T. Better watch that spec carefully!
> That can easily eat away your "improved" offset, if the circuit 
> impedances aren't exceptionally low.
> And a reason to avoid letting four opamps sizzle hot in a SO16 quad 
> package.
> Best,
> René

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