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That sounds an awful lot like the Intellijel Planar, which I designed back
in 2012.  The only thing is that it is not “equal power” but it could be
modified to be that, or very close to that, by changing one resistor.



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nice to hear someone is interested :) quad lives!

A scanner is one way to do it but the person I have in mind for this is more
interested in gestural motions so dual voltages for X, Y positioning is more
convenient I think. 

I'm happy to chat about the fundamentals of the idea, the circuit itself is
not really finished yet. 

What I'm playing with right now derives "quadrant" voltages from joystick X
and Y inputs to control 4 VCAs that would be for Front Right, Rear Right,
Rear Left and Front Left speakers. There is equal power breakpoint panning
between adjacent channels. The equal power law is adjustable, I'm not sure
which would be most appropriate yet (-3dB, -4.5dB, -6dB). Single-axis
panning goes down to full closed in the center and back up when going
straight across. Controlling it with a joystick, joystick straight forward
sound would come out of both front speakers at a slightly reduced amplitude,
rotating joystick to the right it would come out stronger out of only the
front right speaker, and as you continued to rotate around it would
crossfade smoothly from speaker to speaker.

here is the simulation fully rotating around:

and here is the simulation of single axis front-to-back motion:





On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 10:49 AM ulfur hansson <ulfurh at gmail.com> wrote:

i'd be highly intrigued in learning more about this subject as well. it
would basically need an equal power interpolating scanner?


if you are willing please share!


many thanks,



mán., 20. apr. 2020 kl. 01:58 skrifaði Dakota Melin <dksynth at gmail.com>:

Hi everyone,


I've been playing around with some ways to pan signals in quad systems this
weekend and I'm looking for resources on the subject. 


Serge T mentioned a CalArts paper on the subject by Darrell Johansen. I
would be interested if anyone knows where to find a copy of that for me to
read, or anything else that may be relevant.




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