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Don't mean to take this OT, but this video is really interesting with regard to the Chinese chip recycling industry:


It's actually mind-boggling the effort they go to for such little return it would seem. Maybe the volume makes it worthwhile?

> On 19 Apr 2020, at 20:47, Kenny Balys <kenny at beatkamp.com> wrote:
> Some of them were simply nonfunctional and others appeared to
> common transistors sanded and painted to look like old
> Roland transistors. I sourced them off of ebay from a vendor
> that had thousands of things for sale.
> They were super quiet, just made a teensy little plink sound
> as they hit the rubbish bin :)
> As is usual at my studio, I have a project backlog so these parts
> sat for 2 months until I got to them so no refund.
> Also, from China I received fake NOS Rockwell 6502 CPU's. What was I thinking?
> Of course they were fake, these were never shipped to China in the
> first place.
> China produces fake components on an industrial scale.
> There are plenty of articles and discussions out there on
> this topic from reputable sources.
> The highest risk would appear to be in sourcing NOS 'cool stuff'.
> 2n3904/6's and 1n4001's always seem to be good.
> On 19.04.20 20:23 , Gordonjcp wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 12:29:24PM -0700, David G Dixon wrote:
>>> I guess I've been lucky -- I've done tons and tons of DIY for 12 years, and
>>> the only "fake" chips I ever bought were a bad batch of LF444 quad opamps.
>> How did you know they were bad?
>> Were they quiet, with lots of gain and acceptable slew rate?
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