[sdiy] An Improved Sine Shaper Circuit

Neil Harper metadata at gmx.com
Fri Apr 17 23:26:22 CEST 2020

On 4/17/20 5:12 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
> I've used Thomas Henry's version of the two-transistor sine shaper in all my
> VCO designs for years (and did a bit of an optimization study to confirm
> that his resistor values were indeed optimum).  Simulation suggests that I
> can get as low as 0.57% THD with that shaper, and there is no visual
> evidence of the triangle apex leaking through.  At that level, there is
> virtually no aural evidence that it isn't a pure sine wave.

hey david, when you implement that circuit do you leave in both trimmers
(shape and symmetry)?

/// Neil Harper
/// Every Wave is New Until it Breaks

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