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ulfur hansson ulfurh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 02:20:51 CEST 2020

hello list,

always been very intrigued by scanner mechanisms - david dixons scanners
are works of art, and i built a haible scanner many years ago that worked
but it didn't have the same level of control as davids. very powerful stuff.

however - right now i'm working on a dual oscillator board design, and i
want to be able to set the offset of oscillator 2 in certain pitched
increments - if I could say, "drive" 4066's or a fancy max chip to switch
between carefully trimmed voltages with a scanner, wouldn't this
application call for some sort of "rectangular" scanner?

ideally, something which can go "high" on any given number of outputs
depending on the incoming control voltage, no slopes or crossfading - just
ons and offs for each incremental output depending on the control voltage.

any help would be greatly appreciated, this quarantine is well spent
learning new tricks in synthdiy!

hope you all are well,

.•°~ Úlfur - Arborescence on Spotify
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