[sdiy] Thonk is Withholding My Refund Because They Feel Upset About a Word I Used

Me donmcronald at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 21:25:27 CEST 2020

Steve Grimley-Taylor (user Monobass on Muffwiggler) is flouting UK trade laws by refusing to refund my payment outside of the PayPal dispute i have had to open against his company Thonk Ltd. This is all because he misread a comment i made in an e-mail and is now expecting an apology for a slight which wasn't even given. I am going to place this message in every forum i have access to, so that people can see that the company is operated by a person who doesn't have any concern for customer service, and believes it is ok to drag things out to cause distress and inconvenience to a repeat customer.

Do not buy from Thonk Ltd if you dislike these petty grievance practices and the way they disregard customer care.

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