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Cool.  This 88-channel vocoder thingy may sound somewhat similar, especially
if the filters all ring a little.


In other news, thanks everybody for an interesting and informative
discussion.  There's a lot of food here for thought, especially from Richie
regarding spectral analysis and harmonics.  Good stuff!  I'm sure I'll be
knee deep in worms once I actually open the can and start building.



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On 1 Sep 2019, at 20:28, David G Dixon <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:


My original idea was to make a vocoder with 88 channels - one for each
semitone of the piano range - with resonating filters that would ring out
with a sine wave when excited.  In this way, the device would "sing" some
ethereal version of whatever music was fed to it, in tune.  Maybe, with
single opamp filters, this is doable.


Different kind of thing, but this reminds me of a very nice audio plugin
reverb I have from PSP-Audio. It's called Pianoverb, an I believe there is a
free version. It basically sounds like the soundboard of a piano with the
dampers lifted off the strings. The strings then resonate with the music you
play through it.




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