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Sun Sep 1 13:58:41 CEST 2019

Bernard Arthur Hutchins, Jr wrote:
> http://electronotes.netfirms.com/AES4.PDF
> The “animator” worked through a series of (LFO controlled – see Fig.
> 7) of POSSIBLE formant frequencies (phonemes both used and unused in a
> particular language).It worked - it sounded human!BUT basically like a
> human suffering from food poisoning!Lesson learned.
> -Bernie

Heh! This reminds me of my own forays into this sort of stuff a year or
so ago.

While experimenting also with analog resonator circuitry for an analog
synth chain, it dawned on me that you could synthesize speech also.
But then I heeded Gordon's advice even before he gave it (not really,
yesterday was not the first time, haha) and did that particular thing

Starting with barely any knowledge of phonetics and stuff ... I played
with primitive ways of vocal synthesis, as it was meant to run on a
cheap MCU.

With just a bunch of digital chamberlin SVFs, and a bit of dynamic
parametrizing... (eh end noise source and crude vocal folds waveform)
Note that there wasn't even an attempt yet to morph between phonemes,
let alone halfway realistically - it's all just stupidly glued to each
The fricatives are also crap, and when I started to work on that, I was
inconveniently lured out of unemployment and had no time anymore, lol!
So it sounds like some steampunk robotic plunging going on (I mean in
the 2nd example, which was, unlike the 1st, not meant to sound robotic
;)), but I swear, it's all "electric".

Excuse very much the horrid fundamental-only melody playing - hey, I
only had a bunch of resonating filters to play (poly) melodies with in
my experimental program setup, it was a quick hack, meant as a gag to
hint at what the vocals are aimed at replicating (more or less) ...
perhaps recognized by people who listened to the readio in the 1990's ;)
The bleep stuff is over at 32secs.

Italians - don't complain about pronunciation ^^ (although the
intellibility isn't that high in general and I didn't have a set of
specifically italian vowels at hand, I kinda winged it)

- Steve

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