[sdiy] Opionions on Switchmode PSUs for analog synths?

paula at synth.net paula at synth.net
Thu Oct 31 09:08:39 CET 2019

Big can of worms.

IMHO and experience, modern switch mode PSUs are fine.
We used a switch mode in 001, 002 and 008 (meanwell units) and I use 
them in my modular (most euro rack supplies with external wall warts use 
them also).

There will be a lot of people who say "switch modes are noisy", well, in 
the 80s, yes they were... these days they're super clean with very high 
switch frequencies and are MORE efficient that linear PSUs.

Just my tuppence, and I won't get into a flame war over this, I'm just 
speaking from experience.


On 2019-10-30 20:45, Neil Harper wrote:
> so i'm putting together a new diy modular system, it's been over a
> decade since i built my last ones. my knowledgebase is firmly in the
> horowitz & hill era, so my previous psu was an lm317/lm337 based affair
> that took a 16VAC wallwart to power.
> that psu worked fine, but i'm noticing the 16VAC wallwarts are
> increasingly hard to find, almost impossible in europe. more of my gear
> is now coming with a switchmode dc wallwart and an internal switchmode
> power supply to generate internal bipolar (+/-12VDC) supplies.
> i was always told that switchmode power supplies suck for audio, so
> taking a switchmode dc wallwart and then putting it into another
> switchmode powersupply seems like it would be a recipe for noise - but
> this seems to be what is inside almost every product now. the forgiving
> input voltage range (9 to 18VDC for example) is very appealing and so 
> is
> the availability of dc supplies.
> there's a lot of these encapsulated supplies, delivering +/-12VDC:
> https://www.jameco.com/z/DKE10A-12-MEAN-WELL-Power-Supply-Encapsulated-DC-DC-2-Output-12-Volt-12-Volt-0-42A-0-42A-10W-5-PIN-DKE10A-12-MEAN-WELL_217092.html
> anyone successfully using these things in synths? how are they 
> comparing
> to old school rectified linear regulated power supplies? what's your
> favorite pizza toppings? are you doing anything special on the rails to
> filter for switching noise, etc?
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