[sdiy] Linear PSU Power Sequencing Issue

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Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I did try that, and found that removing modules did sometimes make the problem go away, but it didn't matter which modules were removed. For example, say 5 modules were plugged in. Removing any of the 5, leaving 4 left, may make the problem go away, but it didn't matter which one was removed. The supply is perfectly capable of powering all 5 however, because a quick flick off-on of the power switch provides power without issue.


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> The issue is that sometimes when I power up a unit with modules plugged
> in, the +12V rail does not power up properly (the indicator LED does not
> light), but if I switch the power off for a short time and back on
> before the caps have discharged, the +12V rails powers up fine.

Maybe disconnect one module only at a time (leaving all the others
connected) and power it up to see if one of the modules is causing the


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