[sdiy] Opinions on Switchmode PSUs for analog synths?

Adam Inglis 21pointy at tpg.com.au
Thu Oct 31 01:54:06 CET 2019

> On 31 Oct 2019, at 10:28 AM, Neil Harper <metadata at gmx.com> wrote:
> as some others have said, i'm reading a lot of people saying that a
> linear regulator after an smps doesn't do much to clean up the high
> frequency ripple of the smps - which makes sense, that's not what the
> linear regulators were designed for. so i'm very curious how commercial
> designs like the rackbrute are adequately filtering this stuff…

I’m interested in these answers too.
This guy is making a replacement PSU for the Jupiter 8 that has got me tempted…

https://synthronics.de/roland-jupiter-8-new-psu/ <https://synthronics.de/roland-jupiter-8-new-psu/>

You can see the block schematic down the page. There is a LDO linear regulator after the negative 15 v supply, but not the positive 15 or the 5 v supply. He claims “no audible noise”.

This would reduce the heat from the old jupe enormously, however, I’m wondering what might be the downside… noise being one, but also, how long do these things last, compared to nearly 40 years for the original supply, and how easy are they to troubleshoot and repair ??  etc


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