[sdiy] 8 bit MCUs, why bother? (branch off "LFSR digital noise source")

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Thu Nov 14 22:06:41 CET 2019

Tom Wiltshire wrote:
>> (yes, I am also playing with analog synth chips and such, and even
>> vacuum tubes, out of a special fondness - that doesn't mean I want to
>> use obsolete stuff for every aspect of what I do ;))
> Far from being obsolete, there are about a zillion applications, but
> they’re often so small as to be overlooked. I think you’re just
> thinking on the wrong scale. Think of all the tiny, simple stuff, not
> the things that *you’d* program.

Could be.
I was looking the other day for cheap 8bit PIC prices on RS components,
and the cheapest 8pin STM32G0 was cheaper at ~ the same qty.
But that was a quick glance, not very thourough, I could have overlooked
cheaper ones far less capable.
So that would then look to me like, maybe an "obsolete choice" for an
ever wider area of applications, or, conversely, the best choice for a
shrinking area of applications (due to better specs for same price of
the simpler 32bit ones, including specs of internal peripherals - where
the application requires or benefits from it).

How's that?

- Steve

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