[sdiy] LFSR digital noise source

Andrew Simper andy at cytomic.com
Mon Nov 11 04:54:57 CET 2019

On Mon, 11 Nov 2019 at 08:27, <rsdio at audiobanshee.com> wrote:

> I’d say there are two important qualities of noise: distribution of
> values, and spectrum.
> I can’t hear the difference between distributions, at least not for an
> audio waveform. When used as a CV source, the distribution could be very
> important. Digital noise should have a Uniform Distribution....
> Brian

Rectangular and gaussian white noise both have identical spectrums, but the
time domain amplitude of the resultant noise is quite different. As Brian
pointed out this can be important for modulation, but it also if you have
any non-linear processing of the noise, eg through waveshapers or
non-linear filters, then there will also be a noticeable difference.

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