[sdiy] Opionions on Switchmode PSUs for analog synths?

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Sat Nov 2 14:44:59 CET 2019

Den lör 2 nov. 2019 12:07Ingo Debus <igg.debus at gmail.com> skrev:

> >
> > It's worth pointing out that when the SMPS breaks you don't repair it
> > you replace it.
> Or, even worse, the whole device gets replaced.
> But in many cases just the electrolytic caps in a SMPS have gone bad.
> These can easily be replaced.

Can any bog-standard hobbyist or repair girl successfully and safely
replace these with similarly marked caps without knowing anything about
what the circuit design does or needs in terms of other parameters?

I wouldn't hesitate replacing electrolytics in linears, but would be
reluctant to do so in a SMPS without being more skilled in the field.


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