[sdiy] Opinions on Switchmode PSUs for analog synths?

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I have found them to be much better quality than others. 


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> Great post Richie!
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>> 4. As for reliability, MTBF etc, it depends on the choice of components, layout and *cooling*.  Low quality, standard temperature (85'C) electrolytics placed near to the transformer or heatsinks in a sealed enclosure with no forced-air cooling are not going to last very long at all in a SMPSU.  Conversely spreading the load current between a bunch of paralleled 105'C low-EST electrolytics from a reputable source like Rubicon placed away from other heat sources with forced-air cooling can surely last 40+ years.  Lifetime comes down to picking decent components and thermal management.
> Over the years, I’ve had to replace SMPSs in a Korg M1 (twice) EMU Proteus (twice) and UltraProteus (thrice). Not knowing any better, I was probably purchasing the cheap and cheerful ones. I suppose it’s a case of you get what you pay for. What manufacturers do synth-diy people trust and recommend?
> Adam
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