[sdiy] Nice photo of MN3207 BBD silicon

Richie Burnett rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk
Fri May 10 19:13:12 CEST 2019

Is there any guide to what we are actually looking at it in these elaborate structures? Presumably, transistors, resistors, Caps, diodes, FETs, etc.


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>On 5/10/19 5:46 AM, Steve Lenham wrote:
>> On 25/04/2019 12:43, Steve Lenham wrote:
>>> For those who enjoy that sort of thing, there is a nice high-res 
>>> picture of the MN3207 BBD silicon die to be seen at:
>>> https://zeptobars.com/en/read/MN3207-1024-stage-analog-delay-line-CCD
>>> That whole site is a good nerdy way to spend a tea-break; I sent the 
>>> chap who runs it a few interesting devices a while back but he hasn't 
>>> got round to photographing any of them yet.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Steve L.
>>> Benden Sound Technology
>> Zeptobars just added a die shot of the matching MN3102 BBD driver IC:
>> https://zeptobars.com/en/read/MN3102-BBD-driver-clock-CCD-divider
>I just pissed away an hour perusing all of the chip photos. I like all 
>of the variations of the 555 and the real/fake "audiophile" op amp 
>comparisons. Good nerdy stuff :)
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