[sdiy] JavaScript Muse Update, Barbican Centre

Dave dlmanley at sonic.net
Thu May 30 20:17:39 CEST 2019

Great update.   Thanks. 


P.S. would really like an option for the slaved device to run at some fraction of master.  Would allow fugue-like tunes.  I know you indicated previously you wanted to only implement the original design,  but thought I'd ask anyway.  :-)

P.P.S.  If you stop the master, the slave still sounds the last note continuously. 

On May 30, 2019 9:59:13 AM PDT, Donald Tillman <don at till.com> wrote:
>Hey folks,
>A Muse update...
>The "AI More than Human" exhibit at the Barbican Centre in London
>opened a couple weeks ago, and my JavaScript Muse is there running on a
>Galaxy tablet right next to an actual Muse.
>And, I've built another version I'd like to share with you:
>    The Muse
>    http://till.com/muse/
>This is the Muse alone, without the article, and with a set of presets.
>And it has music notation.  And blue/green indicator lamps on the
>sliders, and blue/green indicator lamps above the sliders, so it's
>easier to understand what is going on.
>And it has the pretty walnut and brushed aluminum textures.  Normally
>I'm not a fan of "skeuomorphism", but in this case I think it brings it
>to life.
>And this version can "spawn minions".  It can create additional Muse's
>in new windows, and they're sync'd to the master.  So you can make a
>Muse Quartet very easily.  
>The settings of the master are cloned, and you can make changes from
>there.  You might share a common "Theme" setting, and use different
>"Interval" settings each unit, for a sort of counterpoint.  And you
>should be encouraged to pitch them at different octaves, or related
>Have fun!  Tell me what you discover.
>  -- Don
>Donald Tillman, Palo Alto, California
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