[sdiy] Custom Membrane Panels?

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Sun May 19 04:00:42 CEST 2019

>I need to make a low volume (less than 100, maybe a lot less) panel for 
>a project.  Not the actual panel, a thing that sticks on it. But thicker 
>than a sticker/decal.  There are no switches on the panel, but it will 
>have a see-through part for 7-segment LEDs and some text.  That's it.  
>This is a bit smaller than a business card overall. Anyone have any 
>sources they can recommend?  I mean, I can upload gerbers and get 
>boards, upload STLs and get plastic stuff. Is there such a place for 
>panel graphics?
>Even help with the terminology would be great at this point.

I think the process you're referring to is called reverse-printed Lexan (AKA polycarbonate).

Historically, it was done with screen printing (with per-color setup costs making small runs expensive), but I think there are commercial inkjet processes that can do it - more expensive per piece, but less setup.

Here are a couple sites with examples:  

I have no experience with any on this list, this is just an example, not an endorsement.

I think most major cities will have a shop that does this.

-Byron Jacquot

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