[sdiy] Russian synthesis in the 1930s: Nikolai Voinov's "Paper Sound"

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Where we are talking about optical Sound: René Schmitz is involved at 
the moment in "silhouette", a synth which derives from images:


I' played around with it at superbooth a little bit. Its a very nice thing.


Am 18.05.19 um 00:39 schrieb Dave:
> Sorry, but how are hand drawn waveforms* transferred to a film audio 
> track in any way comparable to a hardware implementation (whether 
> Novachord's tubes, etc. or anything else).
> The ADSR in this case would have been scissors or making tape. Putting 
> together the sound track is more akin to mag tape, razor blade and 
> splice tape.
> For more info look at:
> https://dangerousminds.net/comments/listen_to_early_soviet_synthesizer_music_hand_drawn_on_film_and_made_from_c
> -Dave
> *and these waveforms could actually be based on samples...
> On May 16, 2019 11:46:12 AM PDT, cheater00 cheater00 
> <cheater00 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     The remarkable thing about this is that while in the US the state of
>     the art in 1932 was something like the Hammond Novachord, which had
>     crude enveloping and oscillators that didn't tune too well, this seems
>     to be very well in tune, and clearly has ADSR per voice, maybe even
>     per note.
>      From the video description:
>     Nikolai Voinov (1900-1958) demonstrates the techniques of Paper Sound
>     and the creation of music for animation. The demonstration includes
>     two short animations: "Rachmaninov Prelude", 1932 (1:07) "The Dance of
>     the Crow", 1933 (2:11)
>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Zb4rso82M
>     One of the comments is interesting:
>     There's a UK artist from the 40s that used visual 'sound lozenges' on
>     a very complicated animation rig. Channel 4 (UK) showed a programme
>     about him during the early 90s. The name escapes me sadly..
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