[sdiy] Russian synthesis in the 1930s: Nikolai Voinov's "Paper Sound"

cheater00 cheater00 cheater00 at gmail.com
Thu May 16 20:46:12 CEST 2019

The remarkable thing about this is that while in the US the state of
the art in 1932 was something like the Hammond Novachord, which had
crude enveloping and oscillators that didn't tune too well, this seems
to be very well in tune, and clearly has ADSR per voice, maybe even
per note.

>From the video description:
Nikolai Voinov (1900-1958) demonstrates the techniques of Paper Sound
and the creation of music for animation. The demonstration includes
two short animations: "Rachmaninov Prelude", 1932 (1:07) "The Dance of
the Crow", 1933 (2:11)


One of the comments is interesting:

There's a UK artist from the 40s that used visual 'sound lozenges' on
a very complicated animation rig. Channel 4 (UK) showed a programme
about him during the early 90s. The name escapes me sadly..

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