[sdiy] tactile PG800 for Roland JX-8p

Marc bareille m.bareille at free.fr
Mon May 6 00:12:39 CEST 2019

Thank you for your comments , much appreciated  :)

<For others there is much simpler way to run iPG-800 on iOS :) >

Simpler , not sure !the IPG require more space , energy , cables, $$$  
and use the MIDI plugs...

<Very cool. Is it all sysex, or does the JX-8P respond to MIDI for 
control too?>

The TPG-800 is a true emulation/clone  of the PG-800 : powered by the JX 
-no battery,  psu cables and keep the MIDI plug free for other uses.

MIDI is already implemeted into the firmware , but not wired now . It 
will be an optional feature  here  maybe  Useful only to download full 
banks  with names ,  as i have now an instant access to  a virtually 
unlimited patch Library .

<When you say tactile screen, I guess you mean touchscreen?>

  Yes It is a touch screen . Sorry the have ringed the 'new tech alarm 
bell " by translation mistake. In french we use 'tactile' for all kind 
of interfaces you touch or no ...This include proximity sensors and  
touch screens too .


Marc B.

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