[sdiy] Quick query about 2164 VCAs

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Sat Mar 16 19:15:27 CET 2019

Hi all,

I know you can mix together the outputs of several 2164 VCAs direct into the input of another one, but can you mix together the outputs of several VCAs into the inputs of several VCAs simultaneously?

The situation I’ve got is this: I have a wet and dry level controlled by a VCA each. These are brought back together at a single point (which will need to be a virtual ground node). I then have Main and Phones outputs, both controlled by a VCA each too. Can I connect the inputs of the two output VCAs together and mix the outputs of both the Wet and Dry VCAs into that same single point? Will the current divide equally between the two output VCAs? Will I need to adjust the output I-to-V stage resistors to compensate for the fact that each VCA only gets half the current?

I love the fact that often with the 2164 VCA you can omit the following I-to-V stage and just feed the current direct into the next stage somewhere. There’s often no need to go back to a voltage before turning things into currents again. I’m hoping that’s the case here too! ;)


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