[sdiy] Trigger delay working in peculiar ways.

frey at radioles.com frey at radioles.com
Sat Mar 2 14:24:01 CET 2019

Hello all, I am building the dual trigger delay off Harald’s site. With your help I just learned about ferrite beads. I have jumped these and the board has come to life. But, here is the rub. It only works as expected for a very small part of what it can be set at. If I turn the delay up a lot the output stops. If I turn up the length much the output never goes low after sending out a pulse.
 I have visually checked all my capacitors and resistors and measured the resistor values. I used tantalum caps and not the boxes he used. Would that make any difference?
 I have an oscilloscope and can troubleshoot but am not sure where to start. Should I just follow the input pulse along the schematic and measure how it changes?
 Any advice is greatly appreciated. JoeF.


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